Tax Training

There are hundreds of tax topics available for training. Browse our selection below.

GST Training Topics

  • Property transactions
  • Margin scheme sales
  • Government grants and appropriations
  • Downstream grants to community organisations
  • Compulsory acquisitions
  • Sale of land for unpaid rates
  • Aged care
  • Developer contributions
  • Deductible Gift Recipient
  • Damages and settlements, in or out of court
  • Gifts and donations
  • Community events and sponsorship
  • Swap of property and rights with developers
  • Contractors vs employees

FBT Training Topics

  • Cars including exempt vehicles
  • Car parking
  • Entertainment vs sustenance
  • Meal entertainment
  • Tax-exempt body entertainment
  • Expense payment benefits
  • Reimbursements vs allowances
  • Housing benefits
  • Relocations vs travelling
  • In house benefits
  • On-premises property benefit
  • Exempt benefits
  • Reportable fringe benefits

Payroll Tax Training Topics

  • For councils involved in water, sewer or cemeteries
  • Which wages, allowances and other payments are taxable
  • When contractor payments are included
  • Allocation of indirect overheads
  • Voluntary disclosure, penalties & interest
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